1. Self-loading garbage truck

    Since the loading and unloading garbage truck has compact overall structure design is reasonable; Loading and unloading garbage automation; Efficiency is high, the box body adopts the lightweight design, large capacity, good sealing performance; Safety, energy saving, environmental protection and other obvious advantages. Since the loading and unloading mechanization of garbage truck can automatically load and unload garbage, realizing the sealed garbage transport, effectively prevent the pollution of garbage for people and the environment, increasing the efficiency of cars, is a kind of safe, energy saving, environmental protection, efficient new sanitation vehicle.
  2. Sewage suction truck

    Suction sewage truck, that a domestic advanced powerful vacuum pump is applied to, is specially designed to pump, load and transport, and offloading siltation, such as mud, silt, carpolite, and broken bricks from the sewers. It’s designated that the sanitation truck collects, and transfers sludge and sewage, to avoid 2nd pollution.
    The function of self-priming and self-offloading helps the truck work quickly. Meanwhile this function and the container with a large volume make  the transportation more convenient.
  3. Sprinkler

    Low pressure sprayer (with Low pressure water pump and low pressure materializing nozzle,the sprayer realize spraying,dust removal and accommodation of the wetness in local area.)
    Coordination of the overall appearance of the truck,there are 2 optional types.
    Type A:front spraying,rear washing,and fire fighting lance in the tail.
    Type B:front washing,rear spraying,and fire fighting lance in the tail.
    Special optional functions;
    Outboard small high pressure washing equipments,realize the washing of advertisements on the road and the fertilization to the crops.

  4. Sewer flushing vehicle

    Series of cleaning truck works with high pressure and low flow water. It owns characteristics of strong decontamination, high efficiency and water saving. It's often used to clean roads, road edges, sidewalks, fences, isolated area, signposts, ad boards, and viaducts etc.. With spraying function, it's able to keep down dust and adjust the air humidity. The high pressure pump, nozzle, spraying gun, and key hydraulic and electric components adopted are imported and of famous brands. These parts have a good performance reliably and controlled by hydraulic power, that make convenient for operators. So this cleaning truck works efficiently, is ideal environmental sanitary equipment for road administration departments and environmental sanitary departments.
  5. Compartment removable garbage truck

    It’applicable to collect garbage from hamlets, towns, residential communities, bazaars etc. and easy to load or offload garbage bulk automatically.
    Containers is able to laid on the ground. On the left and right surface, feeding slots at proper height is set for residents easy to feeding garbage in.
    The feeding slots covered by lids, Container with desirable appearance is sealed well through the whole transportation to avoid 2nd pollution.
    It’s flexible of Mini body with miniwatt power in it, leading to low operating few cost.
  6. Kitchen garbage truck

    It’s widely applicable to collect diet refuse and medical waste from downtown, residential communities, restaurants, canteens, and hospitals. Container is made of hi-strength & weathering resistance steel plate, roll-press moulded wholly, which reduce welding lines. Finally the container is corrosion-resistant treated with acid-washing, phosphorization and electrophoresis processions.
    Hydraulic elements such as multivalves, seals, are produce by international-famouse manufacturers.  It’s stable and reliable. Pushing plate to offloade the refuse and waste, and the sewage is discharged independently.
    Back door is locked by a pair of adjustable cylinders, witch is controlled by a set of hydraulic system. A special seal linear is set between the door and container.
    Container is made of stainless steel plate, strongly against the acid & alkali corrosion.
  7. Swinging-boom compression Garbage truck

    Series of swinging-boom garbage truck is not only able to load and offload loose material automatically, but also load and offload containers automatically. It's widely used by the civil environmental and sanitary departments, building parties factories etc to realize transportation and loading and unloading mechanization. The container is able to be separate with chassis, so one truck works circularly with more than one container and promote the truck's work efficiency. This series is especially suitable for civil environmental and sanitary departments to handle the garbage and work expense is quite low.
  8. 8-16 ton non-rib series compression garbage truck

    The compartment is made of high strength steel plate, non-rib optimized structure: loading capacity increased, fashion appearance;
    Independent innovation linked locking mechanism. The compression garbage truck is provided with the hydraulic system and linked locking mechanism with safety protection so that the trash body and double-layer sealing strip of the filler can be able to reliably work, to ensure all kinds of household garbage are in closed states;The electric - gas - liquid joint control is used for the control system;Electrical system will use the imported PLC (programmable logic controller) integrated control, and use the logic circuits to ensure that all operating instructions are executed sequentially, reducing the failure rate, avoiding accidents caused by misoperation, and improving the reliability;The emergency brake button is set, so that the garbage filler device can stop at any place in any state, to protect the safety of operating personnel and equipment;With automatic and manual mode of operation, installing in the cab and truck rear, respectively, very simple use and operation.
  9. 5-16 ton Square Box Series Compression Garbage Truck

    Compression garbage truck is special to collect and transport garbage. It has the  functions of breaking and compaction. High compression ratio, big loading capacity and pushing- offloading mechanism ensure the work reliable when the truck offloading. The garbage is able to be  collected by bins, bags or bulks. The feeding mouth is low from the ground and it's impossible to excite  dust. It's safe and convenient. The garbage is sealed when transported, to avoid secondary pollution. It is  possible to refit the series into the garbage transfer station to realize that one truck used with more than  one container, controlled by hydraulic power. The refitted truck is convenient and of high efficiency.
  10. 3-8 ton Arc Box Series Compression Garbage Truck

    That container's section is elliptical, makes the whole support ability more rational and loading capacity bigger.Main hydraulic components are famous around the world, reliable and long service life.Independent locking mechanism ensures the compressing and transporting durations.More reliable, and prevents secondary pollution.Convenient design, remote control, hand -control  monitor system and rearview,control-monitor system ensure operation safe, comfy and convenient.Optional lifters meet different collection methods and environments.Streamline appearance is desirable.
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